Blood Brothers Musical Lyrics

Shoes Upon The Table

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Shoes Upon The Table Lyrics

    How swiftly those who've made a pact,
    Can come to overlook the fact
    Or wish the reckoning be delayed
    But a debt is a debt, and must be paid.

    Mrs Lyons
    You do know what they say about twins,
    Secretly parted, don't you?

    Mrs Johnstone
    What? What?

    Mrs Lyons
    They say that if either twin learns that he was
    One of a pair, they shall both immediately die.
    It means, Mrs Johnstone that these brothers
    Shall grow up, unaware of the other's
    Existence they shall be raised apart and
    Never, ever told what was once the truth. You
    Won't tell anyone about this, Mrs Johnstone.
    Because if you do, you will kill them

    Shoes upon the table
    An' a spider's been killed.
    Someone broke the lookin' glass
    A full moon shinin'
    An' the salt's been spilled.
    You're walkin' on the pavement cracks
    Don't know what's gonna come to pass.
    Now y' know the devil's got your number,
    You know he's gonna find ya
    You know he's right behind ya
    He's starin' through your windows
    He's creeping down the hall.

    Ain't no point in clutching
    At your rosary
    You're always gonna know what was done
    Even when you shut your eyes you still see
    That you sold a son
    And you can't tell anyone
    But y' know the devils got your number
    You know he's gonna find ya
    You' know he's right behind ya
    He's standin' on your step
    And he's knocking at your door
    He's knocking at your door,
    He's knocking at your door.