Miss Saigon Musical Lyrics

The Heat Is On In Saigon

Please find the lyrics to 'The Heat Is On In Saigon' below.

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The Heat Is On In Saigon Lyrics

    The heat is on in Saigon
    The girls are hotter 'n' hell
    One of these slits here will be Miss Saigon
    God, the tension is high, not to mention the smell

    The heat is on in Saigon

    Estevez a marine
    Is there a war going on?

    Don't ask, I ain't gonna tell

    How are you doing there, John?

    I got the hots for Yvonne
    We should get drunk and get laid
    Since the end is so near

    I tell you, buddy, I've had it.
    I don't want to hear

    The heat is on in Saigon
    But till they tell me I'm gone
    I'm gonna buy you a girl

    You can buy me a beer

    See my bikini, it's just the right size

    Don't you enjoy how it rides up my thighs?
    Look from behind, it'll knock out your eyes

    I'll show you: my special trophy of war

    For a marine, I'll show more

    You wont get up off the floor

    The heat is on in Saigon
    Don't tell me I'm reassigned, all that chickenshit sucks
    Tonight I'm out of my mind, not to mention ten bucks

    If I'm your pin-up, I'll melt all your brass
    Stuck in your wall with a pin in my ass
    If you get me, you will travel first class
    I'll show you, we will make magic, Cheri

    You buy your tickets from me
    The winner get her for free

    The meat is cheap in Saigon
    Why can't I just play the game, we lost the war long ago.
    What is this bug up my ass? You tell me, I don't know

    I'm Seventeen and I'm new here today
    The village I come from seems so far away
    All of the girls know much more what to say
    But I know, I have a heart like the sea
    A Million Dreams are in me

    Good Jesus, John, Who Is She?

    The Cong is tight'ning the noose
    Is it a week or a day or an hour that we got?
    Tonight could be out last shot, got to put it to use

    All Including Girls
    Tonight I bet that you and I would get along
    Forget about the threat, forget the Vi-et Cong

    All Men
    Mimi, Gigi, Yvette, or Yvonne
    Gonna buy me a beer, and elect Miss Saigon

    Yvonne, Yvette, Mimi, Kim, Gigi
    Gigi Wins the Miss Saigon Title

    Attention, s'il vous plait!
    By popular demand
    Miss Gigi Van TranhM
    Is elected Miss Siagon!

    The heat is on in Saigon
    And things are not going well
    But still at midnight the party goes on
    A good-bye party in hell

    And now who wins her?

    Numer 66!