Can't Keep It Down Lyrics

You see there's this girl in dance
And every time I see her
Something just comes over me

Well, you know what it's like
When you wake up in the morning
And it's hard
Standing up straight at attention like the changing of the guard
Or how it is in a pornoshop
When you put your quarter in the slot
And you try to look cool
So nobody knows that your hot

You go to a club
And your high on to buying marihuana
And the singer in the band
Got all of her moves from Madonna
And you wanna

Or late at night you're in home in bed all alone
and it's cold out
You put your hand where it's warm
As you open up this January's fold out

Well that's how it is
When she's around
And i can't, no i can't
I can't keep it down

I can't keep it down
When that girl's around
I can't keep it under my control
I can't keep it keep it down
No no no no i can't

I wanna i wanna i wanna rock and roll!

All right mr. Vegas, the joke's over

Joe Vegas
I got another one! This one's REALLY painful

Alright go but I'm warning you!

Im thinking about the time in my life when i first learned what crying was
The first time I ever had to come face to face with what dying was
The relatives gathered all in black to mourn for my greataunt Antionitta
When who comes through the door to pay her respects but our cousin Conchitta

The tears in her eyes only made them look even more spanish
As i watched her I could swear i could feel the floor under me vanish
So she goes to them all and she finally comes over to me
and she kisses my cheek I lower my eyes i can hardly believe what I see
caus I'm looking down the front of her gown
and I can't, no I can't, I can't keep it down!
I can't keep it down
When that girl's around

I wanna i wanna i wanna rock 'n roll!
Rock 'n roll!
I wanna rock 'n roll!

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