Starlight Express Musical Lyrics

The Race

Please find the lyrics to 'The Race' below.

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The Race Lyrics

    Heat one. Heat one.
    Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
    Trains gone!

    Four trains going for two final places.

    Greaseball and Espresso are the early leaders with Nintendo pressing in third.
    Well, that's not in the rule book!
    No-one messes with the champion!
    Up the nursery slope.
    It's still Greaseball but Espresso's looking good!
    It's the double whammy from Electra and the Champion!
    Across the high level, it's Greaseball, Electra, Nintendo and Espresso.
    Nintendo takes Electra and Nintendo passes Greaseball!
    Don't play with electricity - the champ leads - this is getting hot!
    Nintendo must win.
    He's overdone it.
    Nintendo crashes!

    Winner of heat one: Greaseball the diesel with Electra in second place.
    Greaseball and Electra have a place in the final.