The Book Of Mormon Musical Lyrics

Two By Two

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Two By Two Lyrics

    Do you have any idea where they're sending you
    Elder Price?
    Well, of course we don't really have
    Final say over where we get sent
    But, I have been praying to be sent to
    My favorite place in the whole world

    Well, if you prayed for a location
    I'm sure Heavenly Father will make it happen
    You're like the smartest, best, most deserving
    Elder the center's ever seen

    Aw, c'mon, you guys

    The most important time of a Mormon kid's life
    Is his mission
    A chance to go out and help heal the world
    That's my mission
    Soon I'll be off in a different place
    Helping the whole human race
    I know my mission will be something incredible

    Elders, form a line and step forward
    When your name is called, Elder Young

    Yes, sir
    Your mission brother will be Elder Grant
    That's me, hey, brother
    And your mission location is Norway
    Oh wow, Norway, land of gnomes and trolls

    Two by two
    We're marching door to door
    'Cause God loves Mormons
    And he wants some more

    A two-year mission is our sacrifice
    We are the Army of the Church of Jesus Christ
    Of Latter-Day Saints

    Two by two and today we'll know
    Who will make the journey
    When and where we'll go

    We're fighting for a cause
    But we're really, really nice
    We are the Army of the Church of Jesus Christ
    Of Latter-Day Saints

    Elder White and Elder Smith
    Oh, I knew we'd get paired together
    Your location will be France
    France, land of pastries and turtlenecks

    Two by two, I guess it's you and me
    We're off to reach across land and sea

    Satan has ahold of France
    We need to knock him off his perch
    We are the Soldiers of the Army of the Church
    Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    Elder Cross and Elder Green
    You will be serving in Japan
    Oh, Japan, land of soy sauce
    And Mothra

    Elder Harris and Elder Brown

    Heavenly Father
    Where will I go on my mission?
    Will it be China
    Or Old Mexico on my mission?

    It could be San Fran by the bay
    Australia where they say, "G'day"
    But I pray I'm sent to my favorite place

    Orlando, I love you, Orlando
    Sea World and Disney
    And Putt-Putt Golfing

    Elder Price
    Yes, sir
    Your brother will be Elder Cunningham
    That's me, that's me, hello
    Oh, hi

    And your mission location is Uganda
    Uganda, Uganda, cool, where is that?
    Oh boy, like Lion King

    Two by two and now it's time to go
    Our paths have been revealed
    So let's start the show

    Our shirts are clean and pressed
    And our haircuts are precise
    We are the Army of the Church
    We are the Army of the Church
    We are the Army of the Church of Jesus Christ

    Two by two, we march for victory
    Armed with the greatest book in history

    We'll convert everyone
    All across the planet Earth
    That is the beauty of, the essence of
    The purpose of, the mission of
    The soldiers of the Army of the Church of Jesus Christ
    Of Latter-Day Saints