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Mooning Lyrics

    I spend my days just mooning,
    so sad and blue,
    so sad and blue I spend my nights just mooning,
    all over you (all over who?)
    Oh I'm so full of love, as any fool can see
    Cause ages up above, have hung the moon on me
    (Why must you go) why must I go on mooning,
    so all alone (so all alone)
    There would be no (there would be no) more mooning,
    if you would call me (I've found a phone)
    I'm lying by myself in bed, I cry and give myself the red eye
    Mooning over you I'll stay behind
    (you'll stay behind) you mooning forevermore (forevermore)
    Someday you'll find (someday we'll find)
    me mooning at your front door (at my front door)
    Oh, everyday at school I want ya, always will until I got ya
    Mooning too (there's a moon up tonight)