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Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen

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Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen Lyrics

    Rock 'n roll party
    Little girl, do you know what I mean?
    Pretty soon, she'll be 17
    They tell me her name's Mary-Jean, rock 'n roll party queen
    Friday night 'n she's got a date,
    goin' places just for stayin' out late
    Droppin' dimes in the record machine,
    rock 'n roll party queen
    Pa pa pa pa, oh no, can I have a ball tonight?
    Baby baby, can I be the one, to love you
    with all of my might?
    She's the girl that all the kids love,
    they talk about her, wherever she goes I could write
    a fan magazine about my rock 'n roll party queen
    La la la... rock 'n roll party queen
    Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh, rock 'n roll party queen
    Pa pa pa pa, you should see her shake
    Baby baby, don't you call it puppy luck,
    don't you want a true romance?
    Rockin' and rollin', little party queen
    We're gonna do the strawl, hey party queen
    You know I love you so, my party queen
    You're my rockin' and my rollin' party queen