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So Much Better

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So Much Better Lyrics

    All of this time I've planed,
    I'd be patient, and,
    You would love me again.

    You'd come to respect my mind,
    and at last you'd find,
    You could love me again.

    And I have turned my whole world
    upside down,
    trying not to let you go...
    Watching you walk away
    is like a fatal blow.


    Is that my name up on that list?
    Does someone know that I exist?
    Is this a mistake?
    Am I even Awake?
    Pinch me now to make sure...


    Yes that's my name in black and white
    maybe I'm doing something right
    WOW! I feel so much better
    Than before!


    Sorry I've been a pest
    But I guess my best
    Was not working with you
    But looks like I've found a cure
    And I so look forward to working with you

    Hey remember when we spent spring break
    In the hot tub every night
    We said nothing else
    Could ever feel so right
    Well this might!

    Seeing my name up on that list
    That beats the first time that we kissed
    You thought I was dumb
    But I think that somebody's judgement was poor
    Seeing my name in black and white
    It's like making love with you all night
    NO WAIT!
    It feels so much better
    hello much better
    its oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    much better
    'cause I am so much better than before

    Maybe she's what you prefer
    But hey last year I was her
    Maybe you will change your mind
    But you might look up to find
    I've gone on to better things
    Better jobs or bigger rings
    I don't have the time to cry
    I'm too busy loving my name up on that list
    kind of a cool ironic twist
    who else can I tell?
    Oh Wait where's my cell?
    Mom will fall on the floor

    HEY MOM!

    Look at my name in black and white
    your daughter's doing something right
    I feel so much better

    I'll be there on monday nine o'clock
    and we will see who walks the walk
    I will be there at eight
    When they unlock the door

    OH OH
    I'll even dress in black at white
    See I have not begun to fight
    And you'll go OH much better and
    OH much better
    and soon all y'all know much better

    I am so much better
    I am so much better
    I am so much better
    than before!