Miss Saigon Musical Lyrics

The Sacred Bird

Please find the lyrics to 'The Sacred Bird' below.

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The Sacred Bird Lyrics

    From this picture I keep
    You my parents look out
    And your smiles show no scorn.
    I am happy today
    For I know what to do
    And my heart is not torn

    Spirits know when to fly when its time
    There’s no reason to mourn,
    For the great sacred bird is reborn

    From the ashes he’ll rise
    And upon his white wings
    I’ll watch you from above
    I will never be far
    But my son it’s your turn
    To know your fathers love
    I know now why I came to this earth
    Its so you find your place,
    But for that
    I must leave your embrace

    You will be with your father now
    Give all your love to him, when I am gone
    Take one last look at me,
    Don’t forget what you’ve seen
    For now you must move on

    You will be who you want to be.
    Can choose whatever heaven grants.
    As long as you can have your chance,
    I swear I’ll give my life for you.
    No one will stop what I must do
    My son, I’ll give my life for you

    Instrumental - in this Chris and company have arrived at her place
    Kim runs off into her bedroom and a gunshot is heard
    Her body falls to the ground