The Book Of Mormon Musical Lyrics

You & Me (But Mostly Me)

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You & Me (But Mostly Me) Lyrics

    I've always had the hope
    That on the day I go to Heaven
    Heavenly Father will shake my hand
    And say, "You've done an awesome job, Kevin"

    Now it's our time to go out
    (My best friend)
    And set the world's people free
    And we can do it together, you and me
    But mostly me

    You and me, but mostly me
    Are gonna change the world forever
    'Cause I can do most everything
    (And I can stand next to you and watch)

    Every hero needs a sidekick
    Every captain needs a mate
    (Aye, aye)
    Every dinner needs a side dish
    (On a slightly smaller plate)

    And now we're seeing eye to eye
    It's so great, we can agree
    That Heavenly Father has chosen you and me
    Just mostly me

    Something incredible
    I'll do something incredible
    I wanna be the Mormon
    Who changed all of mankind
    (My best friend)

    Something I've foreseen
    Now that I'm nineteen
    I'll do something incredible
    That blows God's freaking mind

    And as long as we stick together
    (And I stay out of your way)
    Out of my way
    (We'll change the world forever
    And then tomorrow a Latter-Day)
    Mostly me

    So quit singing about it and do it
    How ready and psyched are we
    And life is about to change for you
    And life is about to change for me
    And life is about to change for you and me
    But me mostly

    And there's no limit to
    What we can do, me and you

    But mostly me